Monthly Archives: December 2013

Achieving Underachievement Part Deux

A quick recap of where we got to with my selfless 7 year (and counting) project in helping other people realise how not to qualify lest they may not make the same mistakes.  If you don’t come from a swim background, learn how to swim…properly, swim more than you want, swim with other people, don’t do much logging yardage for …

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Achieving Consistent Underachievement – part1

So as the only member of BuccaneerTri Team not to have qualified that makes me qualified to advise on what doesn’t work which is hopefully of use to those out there looking to get to around the standard BuccaneerTri is looking to promote.  In this article it’ll be part retrospective over what I’ve done since I signed up for Ironman …

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Your twitter tip for the working age grouper

We asked: What tip would you give to a working age group athlete looking to get to Kona qualification standard? This kicks off what will hopefully be a series of helpful articles that gives the team’s opinions and experience in aiming to reach and reaching Kona qualification standard for your average age group athlete. Many, many thanks to those that …

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