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Thoughts from a Luddite

Gadget Overkill

Gadgets and Motivation I have never been particularly big on gadgets. Maybe it’s the instruction manuals that I won’t read or the maintenance that I will never do, or more likely that I just don’t want to know the information. I’m the type of person not driven by numbers. I’m not particularly interested in training benchmarks and hitting times, in …

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Talking with Scott Neyedli

Scott Neyedli

Top British Ironman athlete Scott Neyedli talks to Elaine Garvican about good and bad luck, his new bike and training in Scottish weather. Think of Aberdeen and what comes to mind is likely oil and inclement weather. As the UK city with the highest concentration of millionaires and one of the largest numbers of strip joints per square mile, chances …

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Brett Sutton – What irritates me the most

I was asked to write an article that will have practical use, for keen Age Groupers who want to improve. So I thought, let’s start at the very beginning, as the biggest myth is with the swim. I have always campaigned that the teaching of non-swimmers to ‘feel’ the water is the biggest hindrance to full triathlon improvement. We view triathlon …

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Scott Molina – Bucket List Time!

scott molina

Three of us will be joining Scott Molina in August at Epic Camp – we thought it would be a good idea to check in with the legend and see how he’s doing! Thanks Scott for your update.   6 weeks left to prepare for Comrades on June 1. A bit more than a bit of anxiety is beginning to creep …

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Aiming Higher

altitude training

Dr Laura Lewis Ph.D. Laura Lewis has a degree in Sports Science and a PhD in Exercise Physiology and researches altitude training and the haematological adaptations to training and stress. Also a highly accomplished runner, Laura has a marathon PB of 2:56:53 and a 10,000m PB of 37:27. She is the sister of Buccaneer crew member Elaine. Altitude training used to be …

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