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Technology in training – the key is in the detail.

What are we doing this for ? Technology is there to assist us, isn’t it ? Online training plans and diaries, HRMs, swim aids and power meters – all tools available to us for the right price. But are they right for us or not? It’s certainly down to the individual to make that decision, but how do you know …

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Heart Broken

This way to Transition

Let’s get the excuses out of the way After deciding that Frankfurt was a long and expensive way to be humiliated by Adam over the iron distance I transferred my spot to IMUK. To say that training has been sub-optimal is a slight understatement, especially as I ended the year with my bear-like training hibernation whilst eating and drinking as …

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A Rather Glorious Failure

So the two major stated aims for Frankfurt 2014 were finish in the qualifying slots for Hawaii and run a 3:15 marathon. Failed on both.  Consistency strikes again.  A little look at how that panned out in the run up and on the day seems in order.  Then I’ll try and put some thoughts together (mainly re-iterating the previous posts …

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le gendarme rit dans le gendarmerie

Ironman France Training has been mixed this year. My husband deployed to Afghanistan in March, which meant I could be as selfish as I liked with regards to training, as there was no-one else making (justifiable) demands on my free time. On the other hand, there was no-one else to shop, cook, clean or help with the myriad logistics of …

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David has a Nice time at Ironman France

Sunday morning and a 3:50am alarm got us out of bed. Within seconds the kettle was on for a cup of coffee followed by a tin and a half of rice pudding. That was breakfast sorted. Transition for the race opened between 5 and 6am (race start is 6:30am) so I was down there at 5am to make sure the …

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Minimalist Training or Volume Appropriate Training?

Stress + Rest = Adaptation. The fundamental equation for the progression of any biological system. Whether you’re self-coached, coached or mentored, can or can’t go under 10hrs for an ironman you can always benefit from a differing point of view. This article may not apply to everyone but it will hopefully spark up some talking points between you and your …

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