Monthly Archives: August 2014

Cleveland Steelman Middle Distance Race Report

by Nick Rose One of the first races I ever competed in was the Cleveland Long Course Triathlon in 2000. It was a tough course and one that people migrated to because it was a real test on the middle distance circuit. For some reason, I believed that the course for the Cleveland Steelman was similar so I was expecting …

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Fegan’s Epic Camp Prologue

Ever since first hearing about Epic Camp on IM Talk (or Ironman Talk as it was back then) I’ve dreamt of taking part. Initially the thought of being of a good enough standard to apply was off-putting enough, then as that standard became closer it was more the financial and time cost. So when Epic Camp Canada was announced back …

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Molina’s Epic Camp Canada 2014 – Prologue

With three members of the Buccaneer Tri team (Adam, David & Gary) about to head off to Epic Camp Canada, Scott Molina sets the scene.   Seems like its been a while! And indeed it has. Let’s start by reviewing the impetus behind this adventure, since that initial idea still is what drives the camps. I used to watch the coverage of the Tour in my friend …

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