Monthly Archives: July 2015

Ironman Austria, 2015

by Elaine Garvican When I entered Ironman Austria, I had 3 specific goals in mind: Sub 10 hours A Sub 3:30 marathon Kona Qualification There’s a certain amount of inter-connection between these three – historically, to KQ at Austria requires a sub-10; to go sub-10 I thought I would need a sub 3:30 marathon. I didn’t pluck any of these …

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Rise of the Xtreme

There was a time where you could just enter Norseman, pay your money then turn up and race. Believe it or not, that used to be true of Kona, too. Norseman then turned into a limited number of entries and now it has become a lottery. As its popularity grew, a wider family of extreme triathlon, the equivalent of ultras …

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Celtman Buccaneer Stylee

Gary did it again.  Signed me up for something I knew nothing about.  He has a talent for it. To be fair this time the fact it included the phrase ‘crewing for Scott Molina’ meant I was unlikely to say no. Turns out that Celtman was on the Terminator’s bucket list and he’d told Gary about it at Epic Camp …

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