Welcome on board the Buccaneer Triathlete Race Team web site. The Buccaneer Race Team consists of a bunch of friends that started their long distance triathlon life in the Runner’s World Forum Pirates, or Pirate Ship of Fools (PSOF) and continue to participate with the group and race in the PSOF kit.  The members of this team have reached a standard where they are able to place well at age group level and are at or very near Ironman World Championship qualification standard.

The goal of the team is two-fold, firstly as an informal social structure for the members that already communicate via forum, twitter, email and the likes and secondly as a platform to give advice to those age group athletes looking to rise up through the ranks and obtain the same standard within long distance triathlon.

We don’t think we have all the answers but this team consists of a bunch of working age group athletes that have reached a good (not elite) standard within long distance triathlon by varying means and methods, we hope that by publishing blogs on training and racing that this will become a useful resource on information that doesn’t get lost within the depths of a forum nor is targeted purely to those in life that don’t have to worry about jobs, children etc.

We are lucky enough to have a number of supporters for our team and wherever possible we are looking at ways to pass on discounts and offers from them to the larger triathlon community so look out for those!

See you at the races, until then, festina lente.

Team Buccaneer

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