Buccaneer Race Team Training Camp

Fancy a weekend’s training in the Lake District / Yorkshire Dales?

You’ll tackle routes such as the Fred Whitton, Etape Du Dales as well as swim and run each day all for the price of zero* pence!

The camp will run from Friday 1st May to Monday 4th May but you can chose to do as much or as little as you like, the camp base will be the Ambleside Backpackers (the new site’s booking engine is missing so you can book a room here) they have a lockable bike shed and all the basics but you’re welcome to stay where ever you like if you fancy something a little more up market.

The camp is open to anyone and all abilities with hopefully enough joining in to form groups of similar goals and fitness but you’ll need to be prepared to be self sufficient and have access to a spot in a car for you and your bike (this can no doubt be worked out nearer the time) for trips to the pool / routes such as the Etape route.

The aim of the camp is to be challenging but fun in a sadistic kind of way, offering you the opportunity of  a big training weekend with other like-minded people.

Example Itinerary (unlikely to be too far off)

Fri – Swim for those arriving early enough, medium length bike (60-70 miles), run off the bike – suggested 10k

Sat – The hardcore lake swim – 30 minutes minimum – 3k for full kudos, Ride the Fred Whitton route, run off the bike, suggested 10k

Fred profile
Fred profile

Sun – Am 10k run, drive across to do the Etape Du Dales route then back for a swim if there’s time.

Etape Profile
Etape Profile

Mon – Longer pool swim (if open for BH) medium ride and longer run off the bike for those not in a rush to depart.


Whilst everyone is welcome to attend be aware this is not easy camp  –  we will be tackling some very challenging and long routes with serious climbs as the profiles show, Hardknott is 2 km averaging 15% with gradients reaching 33% (so gear appropriately). Days will be long, Friday is likely to be the shortest and will be at least 5 hours of training, getting round the Fred Whitton route will take considerably longer on it’s own, the quickest guys during the actual event take over 6 hours. So if you’ve never ridden a century ride before, these probably are not the routes to start on, if you think you’re going to be in the lanterne rouge group it might be worth roping in a friend or two so you can work together. Being in the lakes there’s areas of zero mobile reception and being stuck in the middle of nowhere with a mechanical would not be ideal. This will not be a ride at the slowest pace camp, nor will everyone be stopping for every puncture, mechanical, pee stop, rest break, phone call from mum etc.

Groups will naturally form around ability (depending on numbers) but this isn’t a coached or supported event – this is reflected in the price!

But don’t be put off if you think you can stick it out then you probably can! What’s needed is a strong will and a decent attitude and you’ll be rewarded by completing a camp that will make most single day events seem like a walk in the park. So as well as a real fitness boost, you’ll come away with a new level of mental toughness, everyone will be challenged somewhere over the weekend, just be prepared for this.

*If there’s enough interest and the option of hiring pool time, then those wishing this would be asked to contribute.

Fancy it then? Well, drop us a line via the contact form, book your accommodation and get your arse into gear over winter to ensure you are fit enough to get “camp completion”. If you only manage 1 or two days that’s fine too, the big cycling days will be Saturday and Sunday.

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  1. Could be a bit of a fight with some slightly more professional bikers now that the Tour de Yorkshire has committed to the same long weekend, all being well the two won’t clash at all

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