Elaine Garvican

Job Title: Veterinary Director

Age Group: 35-39

Twitter: PirateFlyaway

IM Talk ID: The Swashbuckler

Runner’s World ID: “flyaway”

First Pirate Event: First race in Pirate colours was the Little Woody, 2007. First full distance attempt was IM France, 2008 (it didn’t end well)

Race Achievements:

  • 2013  Cotswold 113: 4:42:11, 2nd female overall
  •           IMUK: 10:57:07, 2nd AG, 2nd amateur female, KQ
  •           IM World Championships: 11:02:57
  • 2014 Half marathon: 1:29:40
  •           Monster Mojo: 4:42:06, 2nd female overall
  •           IM France: 10:46:46, 3rd AG
  •           XTERRA England: 3:00:10, 3rd AG
  •           ETU Long Course Championships: 10:48:40, European Age Group Champion
  • 2015 Half marathon: 1:27:30
  •           Monster Mojo 5th female overall, 1st AG
  •           Outlaw half: 2nd female overall, 1st AG
  •           IM Austria: 9:53:23, 2nd AG, 6th amateur female, KQ

Planned Events for 2015: IronMan Austria, IM World Championships

Goals: Sub-3 hr marathon

Location: Hertfordshire

Dream Sponsor: – Myers Rum!!!

“Interesting” facts about me:  I own a 1978 California MG Midget. I have hand-reared baby penguins.

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