Epic Camp Day 10 (Gary)

Day 10 – that’s a lot of training under the bridge. How much? – not sure, but it’s lots!

Today the weather was crap. We started with a run up to Honeymoon lake – sadly there were no honeymooners, weddings or even a chapel; there were a few tents and an RV or two but love was certainly not in the air as it was damp, cold and we all knew the water was going to be freezing.

John N shot off on the run trying to inspire an honest pace – there weren’t any takers and I plodded up at a looking-less-than-enthusiastic pace. John did a test dip and determined that the temperature of the water was similar to yesterday, so the option was a 3km swim or until you felt hypothermic. A lap of the lake took me 29 minutes at a very leisurely pace, my arms and shoulders were starting to complain about 2 months swim training in less than 2 weeks. When I looked up I could see half the campers had already bailed, but this was to be the last swim of the camp so there was no cutting short today so back round we went. At the end of the second lap we had Rob telling us that his Garmin read 2900m and Louis telling us that his read 3100 – Adam and I decided to split the difference, call it 3km and gingerly got out the water. Adam was already shaking uncontrollably, I wasn’t too bad.

The world’s slowest transition for Adam as he spent more time shivering than getting changed and we plodded down the hill back to base at a much quicker clip in an attempt to warm up a little.

The cold air was playing havoc with my breathing and I took an age to pack and sort out my winter cycling gear as it was now raining.

Meanwhile the swim squad were busy shouting 2 minutes to departure like a bunch of giggling school girls which was doing my head in but I was out and ready to roll by 10am as planned, then sat around for another 10 minutes whilst people faffed with tyres etc all this despite having ½ an hour extra to kill.

The ride was a long one and should have been the most scenic passing through Ice Fields Parkway, but with the rain and low cloud there was very little to see (Highway 93 – worth looking up what we missed). There were two KOMs today which meant that the camp pretty much rode in two groups, those that wanted to (or more importantly could) challenge for KOM points. I was in the non-challenging group, today was just a real slog from start to finish and the body was telling me a few things:

1)      Fegan, you’re knackered

2)      Time to listen to the body and not the ego – so no silly tack-ons today

3)      You are soooo cold!

We climbed over 2000m today and were riding higher than glaciers at some points!

So we rolled into town in dribs and drabs. Adam and Phil rolled out for a 30km tack-on, I politely declined having no feeling in my hands and getting tendonitis in my Achilles.

Tomorrow we have a lie in – breakfast at 8am, the itinerary is weather dependant but looks like a 15km climb then a long trail run at the top, then back down again. So a good opportunity to tack-on if want.

With the KOM competition over those points have been added to the General Classification (points table). Adam B leads by 3 to Adam K, but in reality this is just a 1 point lead. So tomorrow could go a little crazy, I don’t expect to see lunch at 1pm and dinner at 18:45 could be in doubt too depending upon how silly it gets.

Strange to think this camp is nearly over but people are starting to talk more about home and family so it’s obvious that people’s mind are thinking of the end and I know people’s bodies are showing it. Johnny B as barely been able to stay awake at dinner for the last two days but everyone is looking a bit drained.

DOTD moment – the featured image of the ice fields was taken a few hundred metres before the first KOM checkpoint – not knowing where it was I decided to snap a photo whilst the weather had cleared enough. Meantime 3 people rolled by and knocked me down the table – just as well I’m not playing that competition!

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