Epic Camp Day 11 (Gary)

This morning I had an email from my trainingpeaks account, it was an automatic one usually outlining my training for the next two days. John N hasn’t yet moved the Epic Camp schedule to TP but I wouldn’t be surprised if he did. Anyhow, this was a reminder from the coach that Epic Camp was about to finish. So only two days of training to go and on paper this was another easy day. With no pools in Lake Louise and no lakes nearby where the temperature is above 5c it was a simple bike up to a lake, run / walk around a trail and then cycle home for camp completion.

The cycle was short and uneventful and the trail was steep so any ideas of running up by me at least went out the window. Thankfully Johnny B, Petro and Adam were in a similar frame of mind so it was so good chat and lots of hellos to tourists making their way up at a more sedate pace.

When we reached the last exposed section the rest of the campers were making their way down promising amazing views, I assumed they meant across the other side of the ridge as we were only a couple of hundred metres from the top, so standing on my tiptoes would probably give a similar result.

At the top, king of social media, Petro started snapping away, this quickly turned into a zoolander poising session – that at about 8000 feet up with a wind-chill of God knows what I decided it was time to get the “taps aff” for some more crazy pictures.

pose5 pose4 pose3 pose2 pose1

On the way down I thought I’d ask all the yellow contenders what their plans were as there was too  big a chance of needless tack-ons when there could be extreme ice cream eating.

So back to base camp and it turns out that Adam K aka “The Kid” was making a big play for yellow today and probably tomorrow, so ice cream was postponed and tack-on city was the name of the game.

I decided to join Adam B for coffee and doughnuts in Banff that was conveniently located 60km away to join him for 120km of his planned 150km tack-on. What we didn’t know is that there’s a lovely Parkway Road that connects Lake Louise and Banff which is pretty much traffic free (this is the route we take tomorrow to Calgary) so we headed straight down the main highway, which to be fair was pretty decent with a big hard-shoulder to ride on. The last 15km home (well for me anyway) was accompanied by a heavy downpour so I was happy to get in and showered, unfortunately Phil had the shower occupied having just gotten back in from a run tack-on.

Quick change then off for a pulled pork sandwich and chips – definitely the better choice than the Elk burger, which looked pretty poor.

Last day tomorrow and the body is starting to tell me that enough is enough!

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