Epic Camp Day 12 (Gary)

Last day of Epic Camp – who’d have thunked it?

Today Adam was getting up at silly o’clock to secure the yellow, but I was doing the minimum  to survive so rather than joining the others for a picturesque trail run up to a tea house on the lake, I chose to run a mind-numbingly slow 10km around the roads of Lake Louise village. Once completed it was back to bed for 15 minutes before the others arrived.

Packed up and ready to roll it was 201km to our hotel in the outskirts of Calgary next to the airport and we were promised that it wouldn’t be a champagne ride into town. From the get go – boom the Newsom Xpress train was off, I bought a “first class” ticket at the rear of the train and we were off. There was no waiting and most people were on; if you weren’t then it was going to be a long first half of the ride. John was motoring but luckily 8 back the draft was sizeable so it was an easy ride until the first aid station. After that it was 30km on the main highway and I knew people would be keen to get this stretch done quickly, so the Newsom Xpress started off but this time there were no first class carriages – if you were on you were working and working had to keep the wheel. When we eventually turned off I thought we’d regroup having lost people all the way down the road but no, the Newsom Xpress changed to the Curly Freight Train and there was no let up. Then Barry decided to go crazy at the front notching it up a gear again. A puncture meant there was a welcome break before everyone re-joined for lunch and a more gentlemanly pace into town through endless red lights.

I felt pretty strong on the bike today but there were no mountains in the way and with a net descent of around 500m it was certainly an easier ride than normal, despite the pace. We covered the first 180km in 4 hours 50 ride time and were pushing near 60kph on some of the more express parts.

A quick shower then down to the bar for beers before heading across to Moxie’s grill which had very Molina-friendly waitresses. The food was good, the chat was excellent, just a great finish to the camp.

I’ll do a wrap up on thoughts etc but this has been an incredible experience, I can see why people come back time and again. The aim of Epic Camp is to give you the opportunity to JFT and push yourself to your limits. Only the 12 hour rule and yourself can set those limits and I’m pretty sure I pushed close to what’s currently possible for me to do.

Back to the real world now… and I’m looking forward to seeing Ella, Katie and the boys. I’m especially looking forward to playing with the new walkie talkies!

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  1. Gary,
    well done on completing Epic Camp and thanks for taking the time to blog daily.

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