Epic Day 11 (Adam)

Nearly there.  Another solid day. One of my goals before arrival (after hearing the tales from camps previous) was to see how much training I could fit in. So, as we were meeting for breakfast a little later (at 8am) and as I was pretty sure I was going to be awake before that (and the trumpet involuntary from first Glenn, then Douglas in the bathroom made sure of that!) I decided if I was I’d get up and run.  So I did.  Nothing spectacular just a 10k plod.  Been finding running hard as I’m pretty tired (not sure why!) and the pace has been woeful but as Coach John has his (non Epic) “no slower than 5min k rule” for running (that’s 8 minute miles for those in the UK) then I set that as a target.  Knocked it out without too much fuss. No ‘hoax running’, as John says.

Then it was a climb (14k) to the base of some hill or something.  I’m not that “at one” with nature, so whilst the others are popping woodies left, right and (predominantly) centre about it, I’m just thinking I’d rather run up and down the service road on tarmac as I did this morning. Need to sharpen up in this area.  More in touch with my emotional side than I used to be but there’s still a lot of work to do.  Not hugely relevant to the training side here but there’s a lot of development on the personal side that is a by-product of this environment.  Suck it up, buttercup.  Anyway, I’ve never done anything like that before (although Maria, the kids and I did hike up Scarfell Pike last year, which is the highest point in England) and as we need to be honest in these blogs, as yet I’m not that excited about the prospect of doing it again… give it time.  I guess you need some details.  Well, it was a 6k walk/jog to a point eighty five hundred feet (or 8500feet if you’re from the UK) above sea level and yes the view was spectacular (see title picture) but I’m sure Google could have shown me that.  Anyway, it was a real blast with Petro, Gary and Johnny B and the photos were a lot of fun – fortunately the somewhat startled lady at the top didn’t press the capture button when Gary dropped his trolleys to reveal his bumcakes to the world.  You can take the boy out of primary school but… and why not, eh?  You get one shot at this life shit, so you may as well have a little fun along the way.  Top work, Fegster.


Something for the ladies.
Something for the ladies.

The run down was a little painful on my back that’s been troubling me here.  A sharp sciatic pain every other step wasn’t really what I was looking for.  It held up and seems to have settled back down now.  We’re getting near the end of the Camp and there’s a points competition and we’ve all got a competitive streak so as that was it for the day (once we descended on bikes back to the Inn) it was the chance to go Tackon-tastic.  Gary and I decided that we’d go for a little cycle.  So we hit the highway towards Calgary and rocked on.  Saw a sign for Banff at 55k and decided to give that a hit as a quick coffee stop.  We stumbled across an outlet called Tim Hortons, which we hadn’t heard of until Molina and Petro were joking there was one at the top of that hill…we were pretty sure it would have coffee and pastries.  It did, so so did we.  Nice.  We’d been trucking on at over 23mph on the way and despite the return leg being a little headwind and uphill we still tanked on at over 20mph. For a change I was the one taking the Fegan-esque monster pulls. Not too bad for Day 11.  Gary turned off at 120k and I kept trucking as I was feeling good.  I must have been feeling good as the weather was as bad as yesterday, if not worse, for the last 90mins.  Nasty.  Had to keep the hammer down a little to make the 12hour training cut off.  Cold, wet and a lot of big trucks giving me a good soaking. Ate some serious shit at the end so was glad to get back for a hot shower and straight to dinner. Thought a lot about shopping cart guy probably not having the comfort of hot water and a decent nosh up in similar conditions. Helped me enjoy the suffering.

So tomorrow it’ll all be over.  We are scheduled to hit Calgary at 430pm and that’s the end of training.  No tacking on in Calgary allowed.  Not sure what tomorrow has in store other than a 10k run and a 220k ride to the end.  Been a blast.  Ready to go to the well one more time.  Game on, like donkey kong.

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