Fegan’s Epic Camp Prologue

Ever since first hearing about Epic Camp on IM Talk (or Ironman Talk as it was back then) I’ve dreamt of taking part. Initially the thought of being of a good enough standard to apply was off-putting enough, then as that standard became closer it was more the financial and time cost. So when Epic Camp Canada was announced back in September 2012 – yes, 2 years from the actual camp taking place – I gently brought up the subject with the wife. With our second boy having been born just six months prior, the reaction was far from favourable. Luckily, my 40th birthday was just around the corner and Ella relented and permission was granted as my birthday present (there was much sulking and huffiness between that first chat and permission being given – I hasten to add by me, not Ella).

So why this Epic Camp? Well, it seemed to me that this would likely be the last camp where Scott Molina and Gordo would show up and it now appears that only the Terminator will be there. It looks as if Epic Camp will continue, with a return to France, but half of the appeal was the legendary stories that Scott tells each night – so as well as camp completion, one goal is to stay awake long enough to hear these first hand!

Then Adam told me he’d signed up and later I found out David had too so this was going to be an amazing point-to-point camp in stunning scenery, in a place I’d driven through and always thought would be an incredible place to go cycling.

Last year after IM Tahoe my goals were to play with the big boys in the points competition. Now it’s to get to the finish without any heart issues and to get the camp completion badge of honour. If I can get through each day without Adam destroying me that would be a bonus too. This camp is really a bucket list event and it’s also an opportunity to get a decent training block in before Kona to hopefully make that a better experience and to bow out from long course (or at least competitive long course) on a high.

It’s been 10 years since I signed up for my first Ironman and this is going to be an amazing way of finishing off this journey. From the initial – “what have I done, can I do one of these?” through the “OK, finishing an Ironman isn’t the issue but if you’re going to do this, you may as well do it properly” then linking up with Scott DeFilippis for a rude awakening into what it takes to get half decent at this sport, eventually qualifying for Kona and finally meeting my coach of 4 years on the Big Island!

So just a little 12 day camp to get through on the other side of the world. We are encouraged to write a daily blog, so I’ll be getting my thoughts up on here along with David and Adam – it will be interesting to read back and see how our thoughts differed. I expect mine to be more of pain and suffering and Adam’s to be more of inflicting pain and suffering. No doubt David’s will be somewhere in between.

Many thanks to Ella and the family for letting me jet off on the most self-indulgent 2 week trip I can think of.


Festina Lente 

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