Be grateful for what you do got….

So I wrote a race report…mainly for my Mum and Joseph Spraggins.  For anyone else it’s a little wordy so I came up with the abridged version here.  I’m gonna post the full one up as a reminder to me in years to come of the details of the day but it’s pretty dull unless you’re me or Mum or Joe. So here’s the short version.  Let’s see what I got out of the day…

Got in the water.
Got going.
Got biffed a bit.
Got clearish water.
Got to the turnaround feeling pretty good.
Got seasick straight after.
Got passed by hundreds of yellow hats.
Got passed by hundreds of pink hats.
Got the chance to practice my breaststroke.
Got to the pier…eventually.
Got to rub shoulders with Sister Madonna in T1.
Got to find my bike pretty easily.
Got a puncture before the Queen K.
Got to the Queen K.
Got down to improving my standing.
Got a dose of narcolepsy.
Got some Red Bull down me to help.
Got to an A-board at the top of a hill.
Got blown about a bit going down the hill.
Got off my bike.
Got the contents of my stomach into the lava.
Got back on my bike.
Got off my bike.
Got the contents of my stomach into the lava.
Got back on my bike.
Got to repeat the above lots of times.
Got back to town….2hours late.
Got asked by my family ‘Where have you been?’.
Got off my bike for good.
Got to see a lot of bikes on display.
Got to see a lot of empty pegs on display.
Got to run a marathon…starting on empty.
Got running.
Got the the turnaround…still running.
Got back to town…still running.
Got to Palani…not running.
Got up on the Queen K…still running.
Got a manhug from Gary.
Got promptly sick again after running 12miles successfully.
Got to love the Gary effect!
Got up on the verge for 40winks.
Got told I could do anything but sleep…in fact the opposite was true.
Got worse.
Got worse still.
Got still.
Got to work on improving my standing…without falling.
Got checked out by the medics.
Got told I was ‘Good to go’.
Got given a bloody glow stick!
Got cramp every time I barfed.
Got myself a pretty impressive 57minute mile up there.
Got going again after multiple failed attempts.
Got to run down a side road and around a cone…aka the infamous Energy Lab.
Got to run the last 10miles in the dark and pretty much alone.
Got to remember to put a headtorch in my T2 bag in future.
Got to the end just in time to avoid spoiling Mayor Billy’s finisher’s photo.
Got a ‘run’ split 15mins slower than my bike split in Frankfurt.
Got a t-shirt and a medal and a better tan than I envisaged.
Got to empty my stomach one last time in front of the family.
Got vomit on my finisher’s T-shirt.
Got a tick in the box marked ‘Kona’.
Got a lot to be thankful for in the wider scheme of things.



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  1. Shopping Cart guy is jealous. Well done on seeing job through when sensible option would have been to bin it.

  2. Louis Di Guiseppe

    The last two lines say it all; you ticked off the Kona box, and you are thankful for everything that makes up the broader picture; aka “life.” It’s funny, but races like that allow you the opportunity to reflect and put it all in perspective.
    Well done Adam.

  3. Whilst this version raises a smile, and perhaps some concern, I’d like to see the other version 🙂

  4. Congrats on getting the job done. It was a tough day, eh.

  5. Buzzing for the real thing – hope we won’t have to wait long. Feel like I’ve properly made it in the triathlon world now I’ve been mentioned by yellow jersey winner Adam Bardsley.

    Seriously though, well in mate. Sounds like a proper tough day.

    (p.s i’m not a stalker)

  6. Gutsy work (no pun intended, well a bit) congrats on the finish, a tough day with a medal to show for it. At least you’ve had a sighter of the course for your next attempt…

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