Hawaii Blog Days 13 – 14: Final Race Prep

The last few days before an Ironman race don’t really make great blogging material, in my opinion. So I’ll roll another pair of days into one and try not to bore you too much. I’ve mostly been doing this:


interspersed with some eating, some sleeping and very little training. Thursday morning I swam again. I felt great in the pool, and my stroke felt good. We had a couple of Top Secret errands to run after that – that also doesn’t make for a great blog!

What was pretty cool though, was that my 2XU stuff arrived. Love these tops: one for each climate extreme!


I spent most of the afternoon on the sofa catching up with this blog, then we went to meet up with the lovely Philip Hatzis and Alan Ward from Tri Training Harder, who are here for a coaching course/conference. They are two of the hardest working, most professional people I know working in triathlon.  It will be so good to see extra friendly faces on race day and hearing their latest news was pleasantly distracting.

Also, I discovered one of the coolest things about America is that you don’t have to make that agonising decision regarding which flavour of cheesecake to buy in the store, you can buy one that has 4 flavours!


Now there is one more sleep. Today is about staying off your feet, staying relaxed, hydrated and fed. Oh, and racking.

Racking is a bit of a mission in itself. There’s an amazing number of media personnel there, to watch the pros rack, photograph the bikes and census the various brands of bike, helmet, powermeter, wheels etc. I obviously picked a great time to rack, since 3 time, and defending, World Champion Mirinda Carfrae was doing so too.


There’s always someone here looking for an opportunity to give you something too, so now I have a snazzy new Cervelo Tshirt to match my hat. Then you stand in line, get your bike checked for basic safety (that you have bar plugs in, but not that your brakes work) then get allocated your transition Angel who walks you round, helps you find your bike rack slot and shows you where to hang your bags.

I’m really kinda hoping when I see my bike post swim, it doesn’t look quite this lonely!



There are always people performing surveys of the athletes as they leave the transition area. Two years ago, they asked if we had a coach. This time, there were people who wanted to know what brand of Swimskin we would be using tomorrow and then two questions – 1. Have you ever had a bike accident so bad it necessitated medical attention? (yes) and 2. Do you have an Ironman tattoo? (no).

So that’s it. Pretty boring I’m afraid, but excitement costs energy. We’re locked and loaded, I just need to race my plan. Predictions are for modest wind but extreme (even by Hawaii standards) heat. Sounds fun. I’ll be early to bed and hopefully I’ll sleep well. I won’t be blogging tomorrow but I’d appreciate your good thoughts, prayers or virtual cheers if you’re tracking me.

See you on the flip side.

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