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The Buccaneer Race Team are a cynical lot (some more than others) and are hard pressed to believe in hype or claims of quicker recovery or performance benefits for little or no effort. So when we were asked to try out Hey Dude Shoes as post exercise footwear and give our thoughts the initial feeling was, well the worst that can happen is that we get a pair of shoes out of it!

So a few days later a pair of Fartys arrived for each of the boys and some Mokas for Elaine.

Farty Classic
Here’s what Fred Willis brand manager for Hey Dude Shoes in the UK has to say about the new Post Exercise Farty:

Hey Dude Shoes is a brand of casual shoes based in the foothills of Florence, Italy. The unique nature of the sole unit gives the shoes an edge over regular footwear due to the over cushioning, flexibility and lightweight comfort. This is achieved by a patented mix of EVA to give a very low density trapping lots of air within the foam.

The Post sport series was devised due to the experience of members of the team training for both Marathons and Triathlons. The original products in the classic line were a fantastic shoe after long training rides or after finishing a long run. Such activity means wearing specialist footwear (running and cycling shoes) during the session and these shoes are designed to be a good fit to ensure no loss of energy, for proper support and to prevent rubbing. However, during activity the feet naturally swell, they get hot and they get sore spots inevitably. The Hey Dude Post Sport Range tackle this through the cushioning properties of the unique sole unit but combine it with a very light and relaxed fitting perforated upper allowing the foot to breathe and recover.

There are several recovery shoes on the market produced by the big sporting brands but they tend to be modelled on a running profile and are quite expensive. The Hey Dude range allows one to maintain a casual everyday styling so no need to look like you are wearing your sports equipment all day and at a very reasonable price of £37.50 (even less if you use the Buccaneer Race Team discount code). For the amount of money that Triathletes spend on recovery product, compression, massages and to gain a few seconds on the race isn’t this worth a try? I’m sure you’ll benefit from a faster recovery.

Our Thoughts

So we’ve had these original Hey Dude Shoes a while now and since then I (Fegan) have bought two pairs for my mum and a pair of Rieti casual boots for myself and just taken delivery of the new post exercise Fartys in a striking red (much to the disgust of the wife) so you can guess I’m in favour! I’ve never worn slippers, in fact I’d go as far to say I hated them but I now wear the original fartys around the house and as predicted by Fred, they now become my casual shoe of choice as all other shoes feel so bulky and heavy.

I asked the other team members for a quote or two….


I’ve been wearing a pair of Dude’s for a few months now.  This probably reads as if I’ve been wearing them all day, every day.  Well, I would if I could!  I’d love to say how great they are to wear after a long ride or run – yes they are, but they’re great all the time. Whenever anyone sees me wearing them they always comment along the lines of “they look really comfortable” – well, they are.  I’m a complete convert.  The lovely soft cushioning is so comfortable after you’ve given your feet a hammering out on the roads or bike and they’re so light that you hardly know that you’re wearing them.  I can happily say that these are the best shoes/slippers that I’ve ever worn and I’ll never been asking for ‘grandad slippers’ for Christmas ever again!


Initially sceptical BUT they are without doubt the most comfortable footwear my feet have ever had the pleasure of experiencing….whether or not this aids recovery I couldn’t say…but it’s pretty unlikely to hinder it


After a long run at the weekend I look forward to pulling on my Fartys, setting me up for the next 3 hours walking round the Trafford centre.
I wear mine after a long session, they are comfortable and go well with jeans for that ‘after training’ inevitable family outing somewhere. I like how light they are and balanced underfoot. Next stop a pair of flip flops for holidays!
They are easy to pack for races, are my first choice after a long run at the weekend and I have started to use them during the week to work in at home as they are like slippers.


The lightest pair of shoes I’ve ever worn, I think. After a big session, particularly a long run, my feet feel more comfortable with some sort of support and with the Moka you get support, “breathability” and comfort for next to no weight. If nothing else, they feel great to wear and look nice – the range of colours and styles means despite what Gary might think, you dont have to commit a fashion faux pas! They will certainly be coming with me to my next Ironman race.


farty sportdude2

I envisage that you’ll start seeing these shoes down in transition and post race – lightweight, easy to pack and super comfortable to wear these get a big thumbs up from the team.

Visit the Hey Dude UK site


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