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Just a quick note to say that with the help of  Triathlete Europe magazine we’re giving away (where we can) free triathlon race entries to races in the UK and Europe from September until the end of the year . All we ask is that in return you produce a quick race report straight after the event to be put up on the Triathlete Europe website.

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This is open to anyone of any standard across any distance. Simply head across to our Facebook page, then add your choice to the post comments. Do check to see if anyone else has asked for this race first as we can only grant one entry per race.

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Unfortunately we can’t guarantee to fulfil all requests, it’s down to the goodwill of the race organisers but so far we have managed over 20 entries…

The race report

A good race report – starts with a little back ground on the race, number of entrants, and a little run down on each age group – people like to see names (plus country or which club they represent) and finishing times – most of this details can be secured from the race timers after the race, just get a run down of the first, second and third places in each category and put a little story to it….Attach a couple of photos, these could just be camera phone snaps.

The aim is to get the report on the website the as soon as possible so it’s still “news” the following link gives an example of a good report.


Then send it through to buccaneertri@gmail.com as soon as it’s done/

Lastly, in some case the luck entrants are saving over £200 on race fees, the Buccaneers are supporting the charity Harrison’s Fund it would be great if you could drop a few pound to them in appreciation.

Just text 70070 DMDM66 £ and the amount in £’s you’d like to donate.

You can read more about Harrison’s fund at http://www.harrisonsfund.com/


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