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So just before 2014 began, this website appeared. I was asked by the team “what’s the point?” I don’t think I’ve yet come up with a decent answer to that question. The original purpose was somewhere to put content that was appropriate to age groupers looking to move from the middle of the pack to Kona qualifier standard and to do away with the conflicting and beginner-focused stuff. What was quickly apparent that none of the team had arrived by way of the same route and had nothing in common apart from what joins all triathletes at the pointier end – the ability to make sacrifices and work hard. The site has grown, organically, into a blog, interview, guest articles hybrid. In just over a year there have been over 100 posts (you can blame Epic Camp and Kona for the bulk of those) and over 40,000 visits. Here’s hoping we can keep up some of the momentum moving in to 2015.

Unleashing Adam “Yellow Jersey” Bardsley on to the World

Until 2014, outside of Poole and the Runner’s World fraternity, few knew of my BFF Adam. Not one to put himself out there, Adam was happy to play along for his friend but little did he realise that 2014 would be the year he’d embrace the selfie and social media and become known throughout the triathlon world for his blog posts and race reports.

More importantly, at the start of the year Adam uncharacteristically publicly stated his intention to qualify for Kona that year. He outlined the lessons learnt and what he was doing to make the grade, then executed against that plan, followed by the now legendary report .

Now on Instagram, snapchat and God knows what else…this genie is not for going back into the bottle.

2014-08-24 09.15.33

Elaine Becomes the ETU F35-39 European Long Distance Champion

Elaine took on Ironman France (missing a repeat Kona slot by one place), XTERRA and then Challenge Amsterdam-Almere where she bagged first place in her AG. Top bombing and a pretty good all round year for Elaine. Elaine also stepped up to become our site interviewer speaking to the likes of Scott , Deano and Lucy.


Meridian Foods Launch Their New Nut Bars

Long training sessions have never tasted so good since – have a look here.


David Punches His Ticket for 2015

Along with Elaine, David took on Ironman France but the king of unstructured training and the master of selfies in budgie smugglers needed 12 days of riding across the Canadian Rockies to give him that shot of fitness for Ironman Wales in order to bag a return trip to the Big Island next year. Based on last time, he’s probably due to fly out any minute.


Nick Tackles Being a Dad of Two and Triathlon

In June 2013 little Millie Rose reminded Nick and Kelly what it was like to look after a newborn and with big sister Teya not yet able to stand in for babysitting, triathlon had to play second fiddle. Saying that, Nick had a fair few races in 2014 picking up a bit of bling along the way. Races included ECF Monster Mojo , Cleveland Middle Distance and Ironman Copenhagen.


Gary Tackles Being Prone to AFIB

After a year of coming to terms with what would seem endurance training related Atrial Fibrillation (Afib) it picked the bloody wrong time to manifest itself at IM UK after a last minute swap from Frankfurt due to being pretty unfit.

Trying to appear calm
Trying to appear calm

The Team Discover Dude Shoes

Life would never be the same in terms of comfort and post race recovery when the team were sent a pair of dude shoes each. These haven’t been off our feet since. See more here

dude take it easy

Three Take on Epic Camp Canada

David, Adam and I took a trip to the Rockies to hang with the big boys… you can read more here

Team photo
Team photo

The Team Along with Triathlete Europe Gave Away Over 25 Free Race Entries

In return for race reports for Triathlete Europe we saved friends of the team thousands in race entries.

triathlete europe

Adam and Gary Go Where the Rest of the Team Had Gone Before

A trip to Kona for a less than stella race performance from both of us, but a great time was had in the process.


So 2015….

We have a free training camp in the lakes in May which everyone is invited. David has his ticket punched for Kona, Nick is off off to IM Barcelona, Elaine to Austria and Adam has yet to enter any A races despite his target races selling out months ago. I’ve got Dublin 70.3 along with crewing for the legend Scott Molina at CeltmanNo plans to go long (individually) in 2015.

Adam and I are also helping out on this little adventure to raise awareness and funds for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, a terminal condition my son Cormac was diagnosed with this year.

Therefore I ask, if you enjoyed any of the content this year please consider giving a small donation heremany thanks.


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  1. Stanners from the Bridge

    As one of those who benefitted from the free race places, can I just say what a fantastic resource this is. Well done Buccaneers and keep it up

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