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Interview with Lucy Gossage

Lucy Gossage is “the smiley one”. This year she’s had plenty to smile about, even if the enormous grin she wears whilst racing isn’t simply because she’s doing what she loves. A win at Ironman Wales 2013 opened up her 2014 KPR account, which she further bolstered with second in South Africa and another win in Lanzarote, securing her place …

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ECF Monster Mojo – Race Report

by Nick Rose Monster Mojo Middle Distance Triathlon – 11th May Ever since I’d heard of Monster Racing through the tri talk website a few years ago I’ve wanted to do one of their races, they seem to be triathletes organizing races for triathletes, always a good mix in my book and I prefer to support the smaller race companies …

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Thoughts from a Luddite

Gadget Overkill

Gadgets and Motivation I have never been particularly big on gadgets. Maybe it’s the instruction manuals that I won’t read or the maintenance that I will never do, or more likely that I just don’t want to know the information. I’m the type of person not driven by numbers. I’m not particularly interested in training benchmarks and hitting times, in …

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Race For Free!

Just a quick note to say that with the help of  Triathlete Europe magazine we’re giving away (where we can) free triathlon race entries to races in the UK and Europe from September until the end of the year . All we ask is that in return you produce a quick race report straight after the event to be put …

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