The Terminator’s Guide to Kona

So two of the team are off to the Big Island to race in just over a couple of weeks.  After having the honour of rubbing shoulders with former Kona Champion Scott ‘Sea Biscuit’ Molina they went a step further and asked for some Kona Top Tips from the man himself.  He was gracious enough to let us share them here.  Only 18 people have ever won this race….we’re very fortunate to have the advice of one of them.


Who wouldn't take advice from this legend?
Who wouldn’t take advice from this legend?

“There are a couple of things that make it unique that you need to consider

Heat – need to get ready for that by wearing extra clothes on every ride and run for a week+ before you get on the plane and then once you get there try to get out in the middle of the day to train for at least an hour/day even if it’s going easy. Don’t drink too many electrolytes leading up the the race either.

One of the ways our bodies adapt to to the heat is to make our sweat more dilute, thus saving electrolytes.  If we take in too many electrolytes in the days leading up to the race then our bodies start dumping them at a greater rate.  This isn’t the body chemistry you want on race day!  So just stick to lightly salted drinks prior to the race and don’t eat too many salty foods (no chips or crisps – sorry Gary!)

Surely, no problems with heat when you're this cool?
Surely, no problems with heat when you’re this cool?

The depth of competition is great – greater than anywhere else.  What that means is you’re always surrounded by good riders so you can’t stick to a steady effort.  You’re always dropping back or surging to pass.   Perhaps in the last hour or so you’ll get some real solo stretches but plan on having to deal with speeding up and slowing down the whole way.   So don’t plan on sticking to rigid heart rate or power guidelines.  Just set some upper limits and stick to those.  If you have to slow down to drop back a lot for all the drafters who pass you then so be it.  Don’t let it f*** with your head.

Repeat that –  “F*** wankers are not gonna f*** with my head!!”

The run is all about not walking. If you need to walk to get enough fluids on the run then make a vow to only walk 10-20 steps then get running again.

The only reasons not to run are:

– death; cramps; to get drinks in; ice. There are no other reasons to not run.

I like to wear a hat that I have the aid station people put ice into then stick it back onto my head.  That works brilliantly to keep you cool.  You need the right hat though – not just any hat will work as its got to have a tight band to keep it from falling off when there’s a handful of ice in it.

That’s it.

Its supposed to be hard!

Even if we have the perfect race there’s still a hell of a lot of suffering.

I never suffered so much as the time I won that bitch.

Accept the suffering – it comes with the territory.

Hope you have a great day out there.  It’s a real honor to be a part of it.

Be proud.  Race with honor.”

Something Gary and I won't be experiencing on Oct 11th.  Awesome!
Something Gary and I won’t be experiencing on Oct 11th. Awesome!

Thanks a lot for taking the time to share some thoughts, Scott.  Rest assured we will be looking to race with both pride and honor and maybe now a cap full of ice too!

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