Your twitter tip for the working age grouper

We asked: What tip would you give to a working age group athlete looking to get to Kona qualification standard?

This kicks off what will hopefully be a series of helpful articles that gives the team’s opinions and experience in aiming to reach and reaching Kona qualification standard for your average age group athlete.

Many, many thanks to those that took the time to responded below, it really shows the privileged access we have to professional triathlon community.

Replies are listed in the order they were received:

Brandon Marsh @BrandonMarshTX

Pick the right race. The race that suits your strengths or gives you the best chance of a Q.Training plans aside. I know it is difficult, but most athletes sign up just because a race is convenient. Try to get the right one.

Edith Niederfriniger @ironfrini

Find a good coach

Pedro Gomes @krepster

Get a coach. Focus on your weakness. Get a race execution / fuel plan.

Paulo Sousa @pstriathlon

Pick your parents carefully

 Mirinda Carfrae @MirindaCarfrae

Forget about any social life for a while. Consistency is key.. Hope your family is supportive. Best of luck!

Dr. Philip Skiba @DrPhilipSkiba

Stop focusing on the goal and start focusing on the process.

Dan Halksworth @Hawky1

Time planning

 Frederik Van Lierde @fvanlierde

Look for a good coach/trainer who makes you a good structured/balanced year plan. Organization is everything!!!

Scott Neyedli @ScottNeyedli

do your research on previous podium finishers / qualifiers, budget cost & logistics, set realistic goals on your way to peak at IM

Gordo Byrn @gordo_68

Read, and apply, the @EnduranceCorner How To Qualify Series

 Catherine Faux @catherinefaux

Brick sessions; no point in being good at running and good at cycling if you can’t put them together.

 Luke Bell @auzzieluke

Use your time smartly, commute where possible, ergos just no JUNK miles have a good friend who qualified from commuting!

 Meredith B Kessler @mbkessler

Great! Take a bird’s eye view at your life and see where you can fit 14-18 hrs of quality training in per week with a life balance see (Sami Inkinen)

I really believe there is a way to get to Kona without having to part with to many things in the process- treat it as a journey plus progression!

Scott DeFilippis @ScottDeFilippis

If you finish the days training craving more then you are getting the mix right. If last thing you want to do is train, you are over cooking it!

Jimmy Johnsen @jimmy_johnsen

get the family behind the idea, that you would like to do Kona!

Rachel Joyce @RJoyce09

Consistency in training rather than the odd big week. Choose a course that suits you and belief!

Matt Dixon @purplepatch

What @DrPhilipSkiba said (smarty pants!) and I add that one needs a whole lot of patience and passion for that process!

Tom Bennet @T2coaching

do your homework on races/ standard of qualifiers in previous years use what hrs you have wisely & race with power if you have chance

Russell Cox @russmcox

biggest stress seems to be over volume. Hours are good, but so is making sure you work hard in them.

Luke McKenzie @lukemckenzie

consistency in training is key. Resist the urge to do more, more, more to avoid digging a hole that takes multiple days to get out of

Matt Chrabot @MattChrabot

 make every moment count. Whether it’s training, work or family. Don’t get sloppy.

Andrew Messick @ WTC @CEOIronman

my tips for KQ: train hard, race smart, have parents who are great athletes

Dylan McNeice @dylanmcneice

Plan & utilize your time wisely.You should prioritize a long ride & run weekly,everything else is maintenance & comes 2nd to work & family.

Graeme Stewart @IMGraeme

start training as soon as possible … but don’t train for the IM. P.S. Train Hard 😉

Melissa Hauschildt @melhauschildt

do you have a @CompuTrainerUSA ? I’d do a lot of your session on there as you can get a lot more quality done in a far less time 🙂

Warren Mason @warren226k

Get a powermeter & Training Peaks & train to get to CTL of 160 – Swim 35, Bike 75, Run 50…& choose you race wisely!

Paul Ambrose @AmbroseLive

qualify through a 70.3, as it’s easier to train for and easier on the body

Dede Griesbauer @dedegriesbauer

More isn’t better. It’s just more. Make the most of the time you have. Jobs creates physical stress that still “counts”. Train smart

Dr Tamsin Lewis @SportieDoc

Take a sabbatical. Seems to be the way many do it 😉 Failing that employ a coach or ask those achieving exceeding the standard regularly e.g. Team Freespeed

Alan Couzens @Alan_Couzens

Can I give 2? 1. Don’t race too much. 2. Use a well placed camp (or camps) close to the big race.

Justin Daerr @justindaerr

try to find a way to get 30+ minutes of extra sleep per night.

Hillary Biscay @hillarybiscay

work to get a little better/faster/stronger every week…..can’t beat consistent forward progress.

Darren Smith @coachdaz

focus on specific strength, get rid of excess muscle mass & train consistently not overtop. IM is not about speed its about enduring

Liz Blatchford @Liz_Blatchford

umm asking pros probably won’t get best answers! Research which races have alot of spots, maybe later season ones roll down further?

Belinda Granger @belinda_granger

consistency in training is key, chose a qualification race that suits YOUR strengths, commit to that race.

Gina Crawford @Gina_Crawford

To get a coach who will take out all the fluff and leave the specifics in place. Train smart! A pity I realised that a bit late!

catriona morrison @cat__morrison

choose courses suited to you,if poss have an A&B plan,consider 70.3 races with Kona slots, 2 yr plan?,good coaching…

Matty White @MattyWhite77

hi Gary check out my article in latest @TriMultiMag should answer most questions

Victor Del Corral @VictorDelCorral

You don’t train more than you can rest, training is important, rest more.

lucy gossage @lucygoss

Guys get a sex change. Far easier as a woman…seriously – pick your race carefully. Less is more. Don’t need to do silly hours, Focused training better than mega volume and use your commute as training

Marko Albert @pantaani

To qualify for Kona age-group athlete needs: more time to train, understanding spouse and goal orientated coach!

Kyle Buckingham @kylebuckingham

Best is to build a good base of Endurance, if time limited just do Quality sessions rather than Quantity! no junk miles #PushHarder

Tom Lowe @tomalowe

Tough one. Never forget strength & conditioning, it’s what’ll keep you ticking along when the 30km point of the marathon flies by.

Dirk Bockel @dirkbockel

Consistent training, including life in general into t. plan, efficient n realistic training & pacing

Ritchie Nicholls @RitchieNicholls

don’t try to do too much, if you have had a hard stressful day at work cut back on your training.

Eneko Llanos @enekollanos

don’t forget having fun and sharing time with friends and family

Leanda Cave @leandacave

Make every workout count no matter how short. If you only have 15mins to get in a swim, bike or run….throw in some fast intervals

Ronnie Schildknecht @ronschildknecht

#1 tip: Enjoy the process and results will follow

Bart Aernouts @bartaernouts

find balance family-work-training as consistency is most important. look for perfect (mentally & physically) prep for one “key race”

Tyler Butterfield @TyButterfield

I would say keep it simple and try to balance life and training. Be constant and follow a plan! Designed by self or coach, best both.

brett sutton @trisutto

if you cant swim dont go your wasting your money , send a 100 to me and make a change , kona shouldnt be the only world champ venue

Donna Phelan @DonnaPhelan

Work hard, fit your key workouts in by making the most of the time that you have, and choose a race course that fits your strengths.

Andrew Starykowicz @starykowicz

Race @Challenge_Famil or @REV3TRI races where you will have a superb experience.

Jozsef Major @JozsefMajor

Short version: pick the right race for you (research) and be consistent with the training.

Chris McDonald @bigsexymcdonald

consistency trumps any one off session

David Dellow @David_Dellow

Being single would make it easier.

Bert Jammaer @bertjammaer

Also when you are limited in time because of work, don’t forget to take your rest on time. Don’t over train!

John Newsom @johnnewsomnz

If experienced have a season racing short course exclusively. If new to tri spend a year riding your bike (a lot)

Mary Beth Ellis @marybethellis

pick a race/course to suit your strengths (eg poor swimmer?choose wetsuit legal swim – great hill climber?don’t race pancake flat FL)

Per Bittner @pEpEbit

remember: you do it because you love it!

Lisa Bentley @lisabentley

Consistency over the long run is the most important “physical” thing – get your 60-90 min of training done in the morning before work

Send us your thoughts, add a comment below or tweet us @BuccaneerTri, festina lente.

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